We help enterprises build Better software. Faster.


We help clients deliver innovative projects by coaching teams with new tools, modern ways of working and a cloud-native mindset.


Improved Workflow

Proven and automated workflows help your team build, test and deploy business value fast and in a predictable way.


Faster Delivery

Implement Auto DevOps. Start today and relieve your organisation from having to deal with anything Ops. Goal: auto CI, auto code quality, auto review of features, auto deploy, auto everything.


Better Measuring

Optimise for business value delivered. Continuously measure your team performance by combining data from your Issue tracker, Git and CI.


Better is our framework to help enterprises become disruptors.

We focus exclusively on helping large regulated enterprises with their 'digital transformation' ambitions; becoming more agele, leaner and faster in delivering applications to the market.

Over the years we've developed a light-weight and proven approach to help clients in their journey. The Better approach is systematical and data driven. Better itself is a lean framework and as such we implement it in minimal viable steps.



  • Design & Build
  • Test & Deploy
  • Operate & Improve


  • Best Practices
  • Agile Approach
  • Lean Startup


  • Org Design
  • Skills Retention
  • Culture


Faster is our automated sofware delivery framework.
Start sofware delivery from day one.
The Faster principles: No lock in, Best-practices, Infra as Code.

Feature 1

No lock in

There is no lock in to our framework. We've build lightweight layer on top of best-of-breed open source tools. Think Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform..

Feature 2


We've automated workflows for build, deploy and test. Integrating popular tools for issue tracking, code reviewing, CI/CD and automated tests.

Feature 3

Infra as Code

The full stack is automated. Tear down and build up environments on demand. We use infrastructure as code.